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Fibre Civils

Fibre Optic Access Builds – FTTx.
Fibre Optic Metro Route Builds.
Fibre to the Premise / Tower
• Traditional Trenching (OSP).
• Adss 

Fibre Installations

Fully supported crews with the latest technology.
Full compliance to Health and Safety, Environmental and other regulations.

Hauling (underground in sleeves or in existing route)


Electrical Maintenance (Single and three phase)
Rewiring of non-compliant installations
New Installations (Single and three phase)
Alternative Power Sources
Specialists in LED and Energy saving technology
Testing & Certificate of Compliance

Project Management

Our turnkey Project Management solutions combined with one or more of our core technical offerings thus providing our customers with a fully managed solution and efficient optimal deployment.

Our collaboration and service offerings for fibre networks has set the bar in the communications industry built on trust, support and good governance.