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About Us

We are a new turnkey business solution company that will be a progressive and transformative force in the telecoms, optical fibre and the construction industry and encouraging transparent in regards with communication and growth. 

We will do whatever it takes, no matter how heavy the load or whatever the costs, to do the project right, every time until completion. 

We realise that people are our greatest asset and our commitment extends to offering professional fulfilment, the opportunity for growth and running our business responsibly to ensure financial security for our people. 

We can only achieve this if leadership is visible, inclusive and proactive. And that is how we will build on our success, by building and nurturing our people.

Our Vision

It is an exciting time for a young company to be making its mark in South Africa today, a responsibility and a challenge that we take seriously. For this reason, it is important to stand by those principles that will drive our business to great heights: 

• Operating a viable, profitable business. 

• Balancing control and participation to achieve good results. 

• To provide real opportunities for growth and rewarding hard work. 

• Sending staff home every night, safe and sound from preventable risks on site. 

• contributing to the growth and evolution of our company by grooming and training smart and focused professionals. 

We are excited to leave our footprint in the South African turnkey telecoms and construction market for the years to come. 

Why use Us

A few words to describe the company’s commitment to its people, clients, the industry and the country are that we are in it for the long haul. We believe this attitude makes a difference. It speaks of integrity, our desire to see things through to the end – and that’s what you need in turnkey business solutions. 

Together with being approachable and reasonable, we pride ourselves on being a people-led organisation where, thanks to an open-door policy, our staff, clients, suppliers and sub-contractors all have access to management. 

That makes us transparent, accessible and ultimately: a very warm and human turnkey business solution company.